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Terms & Conditions:

Site name: KATAKINA


  • Site operator: KIMURA Mizuka

  • Distributor:  KATAKINA LLC.

  • Sales manager:  KIMURA Mizuka

  • Location: 703-2, Kita-akitsu, Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

  • Prices are shown on each product (including consumption tax). Please check the introduction page for each product.

  • Shipping fee will be charged to the customer. Consumption taxes are included in the product price.

  • How to pay the bill: Currently, only credit cards are accepted.

  • Payment deadline: It depends on your credit card and the contract details.

  • Delivery of products: It will take 2 days in minimum and 8 days in maximum, depending on the time of your order and your region.

  • Please note that it may take more than 8 days during our vacation since the products will be shipped after confirmation of your payment.

  • About products returns :

  • Please let us know if you want to return the products through the contact page of our website.

  • Shipping fee will be charged to the customer if the return is due to the customer's personal reference.

  • We will pay the shipping fee if the return is due to our problems. Please ship the products by cash on delivery.

  • We will refund the item price and consumption tax once the item arrives at our company,

  • Please use a secured delivery service since there is a risk of being lost or damaged.

  • As for the returning address please contact us by email for more information.

  • Return deadline: Product returns will be accepted within 10 days after the item arrives.

We cannot accept returns in the following cases:

  • Items on sales. (Please contact us if we delivered defective items).

  • The price tag has been lost.

  • Used products or products regarded to be non-resalable according to our standard (ex, smell of perfume, cosmetics stains, product damage such as scratching or dirt, products without accessories such as tags).

  • Products modified by customers (such as hemming).

About refunds:

  • We will make a refund through the credit card after the products are returned. You might be billed first at the end of the month and then will be refunded in the next month depending on the process of your credit card company. Please contact your credit card company if you have any questions about the refund amount on the bill.

  • Please note that it will take approximately one week after the products arrive at our company.

  • We do not provide any compensation for damages except the product price, shipping fee, and cash on delivery fee.

  • Please contact us from the KATAKINA website if you have any inquiries.

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